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Do you suffer from the “have to” bug?  I “have to” do this and I “have to” do that.  I know most of us have things we “have to” get done, but how much “stuff” do we create for ourselves.  There are times that we need to sit quietly and just relax and not worry about what needs to be done next.  We all, from time to time, need to just have “me” time and just be still and quiet.  Even in our “quiet time” with God, we find it difficult to be “quiet”.  We don’t like silence and stillness.  We feel like when we go before God that we have to be reading the Bible or praying.  We fill our time with God with words of speaking or reading.  We sometimes need to sit quietly and listen.  Conversation is a two-way street and so often with God we don’t listen to His end of the conversation.  May I suggest the next time you spend time with God that you let Him have his turn.  “Be still, and know that I am God”…Psalm 46:10a


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